Key figures

Recycling household packaging in Belgium

Fost Plus recycled 95% of household packaging placed on the market by its members in 2022. This great result is mainly due to the increase in the share of plastic recycling. Overall, we recycled 15% more plastic packaging material than the previous year, while the share of single-use packaging on the market decreased slightly (by weight).

Key figures

Tons of packaging on the market

In 2022, our members marketed 765,758 tonnes of packaging, of which 725,816 tonnes were recycled, accounting for a 95% recycling rate.

Recycled quantities of packaging
per inhabitant per year


Recycling percentage per type of material

** These percentages are calculated based on the recycled quantities compared to the quantities put on the Belgian market by our members. This means that the recycled quantities also include collected packaging materials put on the Belgian market by non-members or purchased by consumers abroad (border purchases). These figures are still subject to minor changes, due to late declarations and additional checks.

The recycling percentage is being calculated since 2022 (for the year 2020) using a new methodology that is the same for all European countries. The aim is to accurately compare the recycling results of the different European member states with the respective targets. Since the introduction of the new methodology, the recycling percentage is being calculated when the recycling actually takes place. Therefore, after any impurities and unsuitable substances have been removed from the sorted materials in the recycling centres.

However, Belgian packaging companies have set themselves even more ambitious targets. To test our results against these targets as well, we will report to the Interregional Packaging Commission (IRPC), within the scope of the current accreditation, using both the earlier and current calculation methods. For the new accreditation, which will come into effect in 2024, the IRPC will determine the calculation method to be used from then on for the legally-defined targets set by the Belgian Interregional Cooperation Agreement.

Where are the collected materials recycled?

In 2022, Fost Plus had an operating budget of EUR 285,062,361. This mainly covers the costs for the selective collection, sorting and recycling of household packaging. These costs are borne by the Fost Plus members, via the payment of the Green Dot rates.