“Since the end of last year, everyone in Belgium has had access to the expanded PMD collection. But there is still a lot of work to do.”

Wim Geens - CEO Fost Plus

“In the coming years, we have a unique opportunity to further fulfil our role in society and offer a response to real needs and concerns of Belgian citizens.”

Pascal Léglise - Chairman Fost Plus

Fost Plus in a nutshell

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The New Blue Bag, a guarantee of success for the circular economy

The New Blue Bag has given the circular economy in Belgium a substantial boost. The expanded PMD collection brings almost 100,000 tonnes of extra packaging material onto the market and attracts investment in local processing capacity. With five new sorting centres and five new recycling plants, Belgium is gradually becoming a real European recycling hub.


By 2025, we aim to offer a recycling solution for all packaging put on the market. That's the ambition we set two years ago. The expanded PMD collection and the use of new technologies will definitely help us with this. In addition, however, it is of course important to take account of recyclability at the end of the life cycle right from the design phase. Through close cooperation with our members, we aim to systematically reduce the proportion of packaging that cannot be recycled or is difficult to recycle.

Sorting, any time, anywhere

Thanks to the New Blue Bag, we are now sorting more and better than ever at home. We want to extend this positive development out of home, as well. Because there is great potential here to recover packaging that still gets lost at the moment. At the same time, we are ramping up our efforts in the fight against litter.

Innovation and digitalisation

Innovation and digitalisation are the cornerstones of the circular economy. Fost Plus therefore invests heavily in new technologies and systems. This is intended to ensure that all partners in the ecosystem can work together as well as possible and gear their activities to one another.