Maximum recycling calls for efficient cooperation across the entire chain. Our updated basic systems simplify data exchange and promote mutual collaboration. They also help us to take the right decisions and respond promptly to new developments.

MyFost – reliable data input

All companies that put packaging on the Belgian market submit an annual declaration to Fost Plus. They indicate what packaging is involved, how much of each type of packaging they put on the market and what materials they use for this. Based on these data, Fost Plus calculates their annual financial contribution to the system. The rates for the various materials reflect the actual cost that they represent for collection, sorting and recycling.

Fost Plus has developed a totally new declaration system that ensures every company an accurate and fair declaration, with a minimum of administration. The new system also integrates the new reality of the extended PMD collection, where far more packaging is recycled than was previously the case. It also allows a segmented approach, with types of declarations adapted to the size of the companies, the sector they operate in and the type of packaging they put on the market.

The new declaration system was thoroughly tested by various Fost Plus members in 2020 and is now accessible to members who submit a detailed declaration. During the course of 2021, all members will be given access to the new system to prepare and submit their declaration for the year 2021.

“MyFost is extremely user-friendly. If ERP systems from other countries introduced this system as well, my life would become a lot easier.”
Marcjanna Wojcicka, Indirect Local Taxes Junior Manager, Unilever.

“There are various ways of inputting company-specific data, which means that we don’t have to adapt our own way of working to MyFost. MyFost adapts to us.”
Margot Cornelis, FBNL OGI Master Data, Procter&Gamble.

CRM – customised services for every stakeholder

Fost Plus is the linchpin in an extensive and very diverse ecosystem of companies and organisations which together are shaping the circular packaging economy. 4,861 member companies rely on us to recycle their packaging, from very small companies to big multinationals in widely varying sectors, such as retail, food, cosmetics, etc.

In addition, we work closely with local authorities, intermunicipal authorities and collection companies responsible for collection in the field. And of course, the sorting centres and recycling companies play an important role in achieving a sustainable circular packaging economy.

Our new CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) will help us to manage the information about all our stakeholders efficiently. It allows us to offer each of them the right services, based on specific needs and wishes. The system also streamlines the communication and day-to-day follow-up.

Business Intelligence – objective decisions based on facts

Fost Plus has a huge amount of data about all aspects of the circular packaging economy. What packaging is put on the market and what materials does it consist of? How much packaging is collected from the general public and where does it go? How is it recycled and used as raw materials for new products?

Business Intelligence helps us translate all these data into relevant information, both for our own organisation and for our external stakeholders. It all starts, of course, with accurate and reliable reporting to the various authorities: local, regional, federal and European.

But the data also help us to constantly optimise the system and respond to new developments. Packaging trend analyses help us hone our collection scenarios and direct sorting centres. Insight into the activities of the recycling companies forms the basis for advice given to our members to improve the recyclability of their packaging.

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